The Emergency & Transport Ventilator demonstrates exceptional performance not only in pre-hospital treatment but also during secondary transport within operation rooms, ICU departments, and emergency treatment areas. Its seamless transition capabilities and steadfast support during patient transport ensure uninterrupted respiratory assistance during critical moments.

    ■ 14 types of sound and visual alarm information, easier for users to do some error checking and troubleshooting.
    ■ Separate design of pneumatic electronic control (venturi air supply) keep safe running of ventilator.
    ■ Compact long life internal battery can provide emergency power,avoid risk of patient.
    ■ Self-check before operation,eliminate system mistake.

    ■ 7 ” TFT touch screen displays the ventilation parameters, alarm information, and oscillograms, make every operation more easily ensuring easy visibility and intuitive operation.
    ■ Multiple ventilation mode can meet different clinical requirements
    ( BiLevel + ASB, PCV, aPCV, CPAP + ASB, PRVC + ASB, IPPV, S-IPPV, SIMV + ASB;)
    ■ Multiple parameters monitoring interface,make every parameter clear for users to know patient condition in all respects.
    ■ Pressure-Time,Flow-Time oscillograms and high precision oxygen concentration detection function included.
    ■ Rapid oxygen supply,automatically offer high flow rate oxygen within two minutes
    ■ High temperature resistance breathing circuit is reusable and anti-pollution.
    ■ Large, highly visible alarm lights, providing immediate visual alerts for enhanced patient safety.
    ■ Convenient USB interface, facilitating seamless data transfer and connectivity for comprehensive monitoring.
    ■ With rechargeable lithium Li-ion battery, offering reliable and long-lasting performance for extended use.
    ■ User-friendly operation, enabling healthcare professionals to navigate settings and functions with ease.


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    To better ensure the safety of goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

    Wooden case packing size:
    Main components: L 560 * W 560 * H 605 mm
    G.W. : 40 KG, N.W. : 20 KG
    Air compressor: L 670* W 700 * H 1160 mm
    G.W. : 100 KG, N.W. : 64 KG

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