Our SP-D08 Operating Light is an advanced surgical lighting solution, offering superior, adjustable illumination with enhanced color rendering and shadow reduction, meticulously engineered to support surgeons in performing complex procedures with utmost accuracy and efficiency.


♦ Using imported LED cold light source,ultra-thin optical lens.
♦ Multi-level brightness adjustment.
♦ The spot diameter is adjustable and the light intensity remains unchanged.
♦ Removable handle cover for easy cleaning and disinfection.
♦ The nano-layered heat sink ensures high-quality heat dissipation.
♦ Imported suspension technology ensures no drift at 90° at each corner.
♦ Ultra-thin appearance design, barrier-free and cool laminar flow gas passage.
♦ Petal-style ultra-thin appearance design, barrier-free and calm laminar flow gas passage.


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To better ensure the safety of goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Wooden case packing size:
Main components: L 560 * W 560 * H 605 mm
G.W. : 40 KG, N.W. : 20 KG
Air compressor: L 670* W 700 * H 1160 mm
G.W. : 100 KG, N.W. : 64 KG

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