Our SP-C01 Operating Table is a technologically sophisticated, ergonomically designed surgical platform that offers robust stability, versatile positioning options, and seamless integration with other medical devices, facilitating precise and efficient surgical procedures.

♦ Ultra-low design;
♦ The base and column cover, table top and rails on both sides are made of 304 stainless steel.
♦ The bed surface is made of high-quality carbon plastic board, which can meet the needs of X-ray examination and photography.
♦ It adopts the electro-hydraulic working principle, has both AC and DC functions, and controls various actions through dual controllers.
♦ The mattress is made of imported artificial leather wrapped with high-density memory foam and is molded in one go, without gaps.
♦ Imported motors, pipelines and solenoid valves.
♦ Imported sealing ring, durable.
♦ Built-in casters and electric brake device facilitate the shifting of the operating table.
♦ The head board and leg boards are controlled by imported gas springs, and the leg boards are split-legged and removable.


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To better ensure the safety of goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Wooden case packing size:
Main components: L 560 * W 560 * H 605 mm
G.W. : 40 KG, N.W. : 20 KG
Air compressor: L 670* W 700 * H 1160 mm
G.W. : 100 KG, N.W. : 64 KG

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